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IVENSA BG NEKRETNINE is a web portal, a search engine owned by IVENSA DESIGN - ID, IVENSA MEDIA GROUP, CMIT - CENTER FOR THE MARKETING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, SCODE AND REDACTION, intended for publishing real estate ads. All users of the site of the said platform are obliged to act in accordance with these terms of use.

By accessing this site, you accept these Terms of Use and become a User.

The entire content entered by the user must be true and real, in accordance with the law, good business practices of loyal competition and professional ethics.

An advertisement must not contain misleading information and must not offend public morals or personal rights.

It is not allowed to use terms or allegations that mislead the advertiser, its activity, product, or service.

The content must be the same themes as the project was created.

The user guarantees that the photos he/she uploads are his/hers work of art. Photographs must be photographs of the object / property being advertised.

Members must comply with the advertising guidelines from the page - ABOUT US, ADVERTISING and pay a fee for the stated item, by notice, from admin.

Unusable content will be deleted, ads will be deleted, and duplicate accounts will be deleted.

U can share ads from the platform on social networks. The user must choose manually appropriate CATEGORY.

To advertise the real estate (legal entities only) on the portal it is necessary to fill in the DECLARATION about advertising and signed, stamped to return as an attachment, by email.
A correctly completed declaration is obligatory for all legal entities on the portal ~ https://bg.nekretnine.online-web.site 

The declaration is a mandatory document for advertising according to Article 11. of the Advertising Law in the  the Republic of Serbia. The declaration contains basic information from the decision of the Business Registers Agency and must be duly completed. The type declaration is valid for an unlimited number of advertisements published within a period of 6 months from the date entered on the document.

Excerpt from Advertising Law:
“The declaration"
Article 11

The advertiser is obliged to submit to the person who publishes or broadcasts the advertisement message with the advertisement message a completed form (hereinafter: the declaration), which in particular contains information on:

the manufacturer of the advertisement message (business name and registered office, the number under which it is registered in the relevant register for performing the activity of production of advertisement messages, ie first and last name, address of residence, identification number, ID number and place of issue of the responsible person's ID card);
to the advertiser (business name and registered office, the number under which he / she is registered to perform the activity within which he / she is the subject of advertising, ie first and last name, address of residence, identification number, ID number and place of issue of the responsible person's ID card);
advertisement message (text, duration, dimensions, advertising method, author of text, music, photo, illustration, design, director, image or sound recorder, artist whose character or voice is used in the advertisement, as well as information about other authors in terms of regulations on copyright and performance rights).

This information will not be publicly available and we treat it as confidential in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

- IVENSA BG NEKRETNINE does not participate in the sale of non-originals advertised on the site, nor in any transaction between the portal users. We do not guarantee for any property shown on the pages, including ownership of the property and the willingness of the user to execute the transaction.

For advertising purposes, the user is required to register. To this end, the user has given his consent to collect and processing  personal data by accepting these terms of use.

We undertake to store user-generated data and will use them in good faith, and will not distribute or disclose to third parties without the user's sole consent.

For any questions, contact US on given email address, contact form or CHAT BOX.

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